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Established in 1978, Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory is a subsidiary of Fujairah Building Industries PJSC. Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory is a regional industry leader in the manufacturing of Terrazzo and natural stone products.

Our Story At A Glance

The FMTF Edge

It is credited as one of the very first companies to receive approval from the UAE Ministry of Public Works to produce Terrazzo-based building materials in the United Arab Emirates. Terrazzo is a widely used composite material that is poured in place or precast for floor and wall treatments. The company offers a multitude of Terrazzo products including single and double-layered variants as well as natural stones like marble and granite.

Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory have positioned itself as a premier importer of marble and granite from across the world. Apart from this, it continues to manufacture world-class, high-quality, and durable tiles in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dibba Fujairah. Using the most advanced machinery available for its production lines, the fully integrated FMTF factory is run by over 150 skilled and professional workers to produce the best in class products under strict quality control regulations.


Selection & Procurement

The raw materials are selected based on block size, tonnage, number of streaks, cleanliness, and lack of cracks. FMTF procures materials from across the globe.


Cutting & Polishing

Based on the type of Natural Stone (Marble, Granite, and more), quality, required end product (slabs, tiles, or staircases - indoor or outdoor), the stones are cut and polished.


Storage & Deployment

Once the finish is achieved, they will either be stored or shipped for deployment. The Stones are stored away for further customization based on requirements.

Our Presence and Logistical Prowess

Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory is a vertically integrated company and owns a fleet of vehicles that assures safe and efficient delivery of its products to anywhere across the UAE. It also exports a full range of products for the GCC region as well as the African region. FMTF is expanding its global footprint through its well-established distribution and logistics partners in the Middle East and African region.

With showrooms across the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory has a strong retail footprint and can showcase its Natural Stone &Terrazzo products to its existing and potential clients.

At Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory Health and Safety is taken very seriously. The company has won several Health Safety & Environmental Awards in recognition of its contribution towards developing sustainable high-quality, green, and energy-efficient materials. Ever the industry vanguard, Fujairah Marble and Tiles Factory has provided its award-winning line of products and world-class building materials to many of the UAEs and the Middle East’s distinct signature developments from palaces to private villas and entire neighborhoods.

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