Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Help section detailing how to take care of the Terrazzo, Marbles and other Natural Stones.

Maintenance Schedule for Terrazzo Floor?

Everyday Maintainance: The Terrazzo floor needs to be swept on a daily basis, and hard stains or scuff marks should be cleaned with neutral cleaner diluted in warm water. Must-Do Maintenance: The floor needs to be cleaned with a damp mop that is soaked with a neutral cleaner. In high traffic areas, a mechanical buffing machine with a neutral cleaner can also be used. Nice To Do: Existing sealers can be removed and resealed on a yearly basis.

Travertine Care Instructions

Warm water, gentle cleaners, and a microfiber rag or mop are enough to maintain travertine. Once you've wiped the surface with this, you can get rid of the moisture on it with a dry microfiber rag or mop. Mopping can be done once a week and it will be enough. If a spill occurs, wipe it up immediately. This will avoid stains or etch marks.

Are the images on the website the only products available?

Not at all. Terrazzo can be customized in terms of color, aggregates used, size and thickness. If you visit our showroom or schedule a call with our design expert, they will show you how the process works, and you can get your vision fulfilled. In terms of Marble, Granite, Onyx, and other natural stones, the showroom carries a larger collection. Please schedule a visit.

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